Board of Directors

Per our bylaws, the Central Virginia IIBA Chapter is directed by six elected officers. Terms are two years in length, running January of the first year thru December of the second. Approximately half the offices come up for election each year at the chapter's Annual Membership Meeting:

Even/Odd-year term (e.g. 2016-2017)
Vice President, Communications & Marketing
Vice President, Finance  

Odd/Even-year term (e.g. 2017-2018)
Vice President, Administration
Vice President, Professional Development
Vice President, Membership & Outreach

small_CS.jpg PRESIDENT (2016-17)
Cynthia Siewert
white_space.png VP, Membership & Outreach (2017-18)
medium_KimC.png VP, Communications & Marketing (2016-17)
Kim C. Carlton
medium_ABR.jpg VP, Finance (2016-17)
Amy Rosenthal
medium_dawn_board.jpg VP, Professional development (2017-18)
Dawn Board
David Michaels.jpg VP, Administration (2017-18)
David Michaels