Elections & Nominations

The Chapter holds Board of Director elections in November each year. Elections are held electronically with voting open for a period of about two weeks. During this time, individuals who are Members in Good Standing in the IIBA will be permitted to vote.  

Important Dates

Last day to submit nominations is November 15, 2016. Now Closed.
Voting will commence November 17-30, 2016. Now Closed.
Announcement of new officers on December 1, 2016

Open positions:

  • Vice President of Administration (Formerly, Secretary) - Congratulations to David Michaels!!
  • Vice President of Membership & Outreach (New this year) OPEN for 2017-2018 term
  • Vice President of Professional Development (Formerly, VP Education) - Congratulations to Dawn Board!

As defined fully in the Chapter's Bylaws (especially Bylaws 6, 7 and 8), the following rules apply for those interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors:

  • must be a Member in Good Standing in the IIBA
  • must be available for the term of the office as a volunteer
  • must adhere to the IIBA Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Central Virginia Chapter's Bylaws

The Board of Directors elected positions and their respective terms include the following:

  • President (2016 thru 2017)
  • Vice President, Finance (2016 thru 2017)
  • Vice President, Communications and Marketing (2016 thru 2017)
  • Vice President, Membership & Outreach (2017 thru 2018) 
  • Vice President, Adminstration (2017 thru 2018)
  • Vice President, Professional Development (2017 thru 2018) 

Board of Directors - Duties in brief:

Vice President of Administration

The Vice President of Administration shall keep the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and the Board. This officer is also responsible for all official correspondence with the members and the IIBA.

Vice President of Membership & Outreach

Vice President of Membership & Outreach shall be responsible for all aspects of membership such as maintenance and communication of member records (to the Board and to individual members), status with IIBA and the Chapter, and meeting/event attendance. This officer shall be also responsible for sponsorship administration.

VP of Professional Development

The Vice President of Professional Development shall be responsible for providing leadership to the chapter in promoting business analysis professionalism through a program of educational seminars, workshops, study groups, presentations, and other services designed to help BA professionals achieve certification/credentials and advance in their careers.

Note: All Board of Directors must be able to participate actively in majority of the monthly Board of Directors meetings and the chapter events. Please email dir.governance@central-virginia.iiba.org with any questions.

The detailed responsibilities of each are defined in Appendix 1 of the Chapter Bylaws.