Become a Volunteer for our Chapter

In addition to the elected officers, our Chapter owes much of its operation to dedicated volunteers who interface with our members, plan programs, coordinate event logistics, secure sponsorship, communicate both within and beyond the organization, etc.

Currently we have the following standing committees.  If you have skills and/or passions around one of these areas, reach out to the committee chair to find out how you can get more involved, or direct general inquiries to mailbox.

Membership Committee
Chair: Rebecca Delano
The Membership Committee works with the VP of Membership and Outreach and is responsible for communications to our general membership and managing our database of subscribers and contacts.  

Marketing Committee
Chair: Kim Carlton
Adria Hogan

The Marketing Committee works with the VP of Communications/Marketing and is responsible for marketing and communications to membership base and interested parties.

Chair: Dawn Board
The Professional Development Committee works with the VP of Professional Development and is responsible for study group organization, assistance with certification applications and coordinating workshops and other development activities.

Programs Committee
Chair: OPEN
Hoor Fatima
The Programs Committee workds with the Director of Programs and is responsible for programs, event development and chapter meeting logistics and works with the Director of Programs. 

OUTREACH - Sponsorship Committee
Chair: Mark Stanfield
The Outreach - Sponsorship Committee works with the VP of Membership and Outreach and is responsible for relationship and sponsor development and coordination. 

Chair: Dinesh Nayak
The Governance Committee works with the Director of Governance is responsible for Chapter elections, recruiting and leadership development.   

TECHNology Committee
Chair: Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell
The Technology Committee works with the VP of Communications on the website, social/digital media and the general technology needs of the chapter.   

Chair: Mark Holmes
The Volunteer Committee works with Governance, the Board of Directors and Chapter members to address the needs of the chapter through volunteerism.